Holiday Road Trip South Africa | How to Plan Your Journey

There is nothing quite like throwing some things in your car, jumping in with a group of friends, and taking a road trip. Whether you have a destination in mind or just end up driving until you find a place to stop, either works just fine.

When it comes to taking a road trip in South Africa, this country is blessed with a wide variety of stunning landscapes and environments to explore. While the wilderness is naturally relaxing, you may consider booking into a spa for a treatment or using a CBD oil for sleep to relax your body after a full day of driving.

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Road Trips in South Africa – Route Options

From the wide expanses of the bush, to the coastal beaches and the lush green forests, there is a road trip for everyone in South Africa. Throw in some of the quirky small towns that you will come across on your adventure. What isn’t to love about exploring these wide-open spaces.

Whether you’re planning to take a full-country road trip or simply just a quick adventure up the coast, there is something to quench your thirst for adventure. Due to its size, opening up a map of South Africa can be quite intimidating. So here are a few routes that will give you the confidence to pack up and hit the road.

Road Trip Durban to Cape Town

The only way to properly do this trip is to start in Durban and travel along the coast all the way to Cape Town. Along this journey, you will travel the rugged yet aptly named Wild Coast that runs from the border of Kwazulu Natal all the way down to the city of East London.

Enjoy driving through this region’s rolling hills with its contrasting jagged coastline. You can even leave the N2, if you’re feeling a little extra adventurous, and take the gravel roads that will take you inland. There is a sense that not much has changed in this area for the last 100 years.

The Wild Coast also has some of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches in South Africa. Coffee Bay is one of them and offers a perfect place to stop and recharge while relaxing on the beach. You might even be joined by some cows that are known to laze around on the beach as well.

Continue your trip down the coast and you will find yourself eventually on the Garden Route. This is the best route in South Africa with a 200km stretch of sublime beaches, old forests, and breathtaking lagoons with the allure of a sunset cruise being hard to pass on. Take a night or two to stay in the ever-enchanting Knysna Forest before continuing on your journey to eventually arrive in Cape Town.

Then you can turn around and do a Cape Town to Durban road trip and stop at some new places on the way back.

Why not try out a Cape Town safari while you’re there?

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Cape Town Road Trip

For a day of adventure without straying too far away from home, a road trip around Cape Town is the perfect thing to do for those in the Mother City. The ideal road trip will take you on a tour of the Atlantic seaboard, finishing up along the Indian Ocean seaboard.

Start off at the V&A Waterfront and take the coastal road along the Atlantic Ocean to Hout bay. From there, a short drive over Chapman’s peak, where a toll is required, will take you into the popular Noordhoek area. The Noordhoek Farm Village is the perfect pitstop for a coffee and to refuel before jumping in your car and making your way to Cape Point while passing through Kommetjie.

Cape Point Reserve should be on your list of places to stop, Dias beach is stunning and is the continent’s most south westerly point. As you head back towards the City, stopping at Boulders Beach to see the penguins is a good way to catch some sun for a few hours.

Leaving this wonderful spectacle, continue taking the coastal road through to Kalk Bay. Take a walk around to explore the cute little stores and take in the ocean air over a late lunch or early dinner.

The final leg is the road trip to Cape Town, to where you started. And just like that, the exploration around the entire Cape Peninsula will be over. This is one of the best ways to spend a day without having to travel too far outside of the city.

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West Coast South Africa Road Trip

For adventurers and explorers who truly want to disappear and go off-the-grip, the West Coast is the place to take a road trip. This route is for the free spirits, romantics and ocean lovers. There are plenty of farm stalls to satisfy your cravings for local snacks and you are sure to find some of the best fish and chips in one of the small sleepy villages.

The vastness of the landscapes will leave you feeling like you are in a new world, with the spring flower season adding a whole different level of beauty. Depending on how far up the coast you plan on going, a 4×4 would be ideal so that you can explore the coast in its entirety. Make sure to pack a lot of supplies with you as the distance between towns is vast.

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Where Will You Plan Your SA Road Trip To?

These are just a few of some of the most beautiful road trips in South Africa, especially along the coast. Make sure that you plan your trip accordingly and that your vehicle is fit for the trip, along with the supplies you will need.

After such a relaxing time away exploring, the back-to-work blues can be a real thing so make sure you take some time to rest after your road trip as well. So, after reading this South Africa road trip planner, which trip will you go on?

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