About Us

Adventours is a premier adventure tour operator ready to find you the ultimate exhilarating experience on your South African travels. You can find special deals and the best prices for your activities, excursions, and accommodations, right here.

Who are the adventurers behind Adventours? The Travel Tractions team, based in South Africa but forever wandering the world, seeks to explore and express creative freedom. We aspire to create a brand that enables us to experience the world and make travel accessible, exciting, and unforgettable.

Using our extensive knowledge of the best online travel providers, combined with our collective personal experience, we’ve created a site where comparing and booking tickets and tours is easy.

Matt Davison - Founder

“I had always wanted to make a comparison site that made finding the most cost-effective tour easy, It’s something that would solve a big pain point for me and I hope it makes the online research process smoother.”

Our Mission

Our mission is clear – to help you find the perfect activity, tour, and accommodation listing for your journey through South Africa. Whether you thrive off of extreme adventures, desire to explore secret spots, or want to tick off some bucket list items in each city, we have you covered!

We believe in honest and accessible tourism. That’s why our team are not only professionals, they’re travel enthusiasts too.

We love travel and finding a good travel deal. Adventours is our way of sharing the world with you.

Adventours is written and run by the team at Travel Tractions

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